Face Masks Type IIR - from under £0.27 per mask


Our 3 ply Type IIR medical grade face masks are not to be confused with Type l or Type ll please go to the accreditation section of the website for an explanation of the different types of masks here.

10 Pack

250 Masks: £0.316 per mask

500 Masks: £0.310 per mask

1000 Masks: £0.303 per mask

2000 Masks: £0.289 per mask

3000 Masks: £0.275 per mask


20 Pack

250 Masks: £0.308 per mask

500 Masks: £0.302 per mask

1000 Masks: £0.295 per mask

2000 Masks: £0.281 per mask

3000 Masks: £0.267 per mask


UK & ROI Shipping included.


For orders of 4000+ please contact us for a quote.

We have engaged Intertek, the international factory inspection agency to conduct regular factory inspections and SGS to carry out quality tests in the UK. Please see summary of test report under accreditation here.

Material Specification of 3 Ply

The first ply is 25gsm non woven.
The second ply is 25gsm of melt blown.
The third ply is 25gsm non woven.

The bacterial filtration efficiency is ≥ 98%.

The products are tested to: EN 14683:2019.


Sealed polythene/cardboard carton.

We hold a rolling stock of 500,000+ which we can ship within 48 hours. For orders over our current UK stock levels, the lead time is 7-12 days. Our factory currently has spare capacity of 500,000 units a day. However, the situation is constantly changing. 

If you would prefer to contact us directly and set up a zoom or telephone call, please email sales@siahealth.co.uk. Please include company details, a mobile number and the volume required. We will respond with a zoom invitation or call you straight back.

For technical queries or further information please contact: sales@siahealth.co.uk or call on +44 (0)20 4524 5772.



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