With the emergence of the Covid-19 crisis, there was a worldwide shortage of PPE. Suppliers across the planet scrambled to produce PPE. From the beginning we have been conscious about the quality and standards of the products we are importing. From the outset we requested a factory inspection by by the British assurance, inspection, product testing & certification company, Intertek Group PLC.

Our 3 ply face masks have undergone both UK & Chinese internationally recognised lab tests. Our factories have been inspected by Intertek, the international inspection agency.

3 Ply Material:

Layer 1: 25gsm non woven ply
Layer 2: 25gsm melt blown - Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ≥95%
Layer 3: 25gsm non woven ply

Our face masks are tested to EN:14683:2019.

Sía Health masks are tested by the UK-based international inspection agency SGS. https://www.sgs.co.uk/

The SGS motto is "when you need to be sure". As an ethical supplier the Sía Health team is aware of the proliferation of forged Chinese test certificates and substandard masks that have flooded onto the market. The team at Sía Health, therefore, decided to be absolutely sure about the quality of Sía Health masks.

Sía Health masks are sourced in China at a factory chosen by us and inspected by Intertek https://www.intertek.com/ the international quality assurance company. The inspection commissioned by Sía Health demonstrated that standards, processes, quality assurance, documentation and working conditions are all excellent. Further information is available on our website.

Sía Health went one important step further, making a significant investment by, commissioning SGS to test our masks in the UK. This test is in addition to the Intertek inspections and Chinese test reports.

The table below highlights the key performance requirement for medical face masks to meet the standard EN 14683. Sía Health Type llR, UK test results in blue (the full test report is available on request).

Interpreting these test results can be confusing. Below is a simple explanation of the characteristics required to meet the EN 14683 standard.

∙ Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFA), %. This tests the percentage of airborne bacteria that the mask is capable of blocking.

∙ Differential pressure, Pa/cm². This tests the breathing resistance created by the mask.

∙ Splash resistance (kPa). This tests the protection given against blood and bodily fluids x the pressure with which they are coughed or splashed on a mask. With Type I and Type II masks this is not considered to be a requirement. However, Sia PPE masks are Type llR.

∙ Microbial cleanness (cfu/g). This test determines the total number of viable microorganisms on the face mask to standard EN 14683

If you are offered masks ask your supplier if he can provide a test report to standard EN 14683. This test report should be in English and verifiable through a recognised testing authority.

If you are considering purchasing masks to protect yourself, your family or your staff, the WHO recommendation is that you choose masks that meet the standard EN 14683.


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