Sani-Safe, keeping customers & colleagues safe.
Stylish & strong this hands-free sanitiser incorporates a sleek design with a robust & built-to-last stainless steel construction. Weatherproof & easily cleaned it’s ideal for both interior & exterior use. We can easily brand with your logo and colour scheme.

"A foot-operated or hands-free hand sanitiser is undoubtedly far safer than hand-operated models which should be phased out as soon as possible, given the current and ongoing Covid 19 threat".

Dr Mark McClean

High capacity, up to 10,500 doses of sanitiser before refilling.

5 L = 3,500 doses – retail £279
10 L = 7,000 doses – retail £369

Your own brand, £85

Delivery service, and fitting available.

Please contact us to order.

Call Sales: +44 (0)20 4524 5772

Email: sales@siahealth.co.uk

Download instructions & warranty information here.

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